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10 Week Transformation

Tuesday, 18 September 2012  |  Admin

The Online 10 Week Transformation is the perfect way to get yourself into shape and complete Total Wellbeing. It will impact your mind and body and give you the immediate sense of achievement and the ongoing self belief to achieve your personal goals. Starting 1st October 2012 over 10 weeks, we will guide, train an advise you all health and nutrition in-time for Christmas at special introductory offer £99.00!

The TWS Online 10 Week Transformation consists of:

Programmes and Workout Plans:
These exclusive, individualised workouts and programmes will give you the body you desire along with the confidence and self belief that comes with changing your body. They are effective for all levels of fitness, and can be done at home, outdoors or in the gym. No equipment or limited equipment programmes are available to suit everyone.

Nutrition and Dietary Advice:
A detailed nutrition plan devised for you based on a food diary that will be collected prior to the start of the 10 week transformation. It will contain small changes to your current nutritional intake to make sure that get all the nutrition that you need for your individual daily requirements.

Support and Motivation:
Sign up to an account to get all the help and support you require. Our Midweek Wednesday online Live Chat keep you motivated. Keep in touch with us each day on Facebook, Twitter of via our Forum.

Contact us with our contact form, email or by phone. Online community make use of the Forum, Facebook and Twitter to meet like minded people that are taking the journey with you. We can all share ideas, support and learn from each other.