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Box Your Way to Fitness in Windsor

Tuesday, 3 September 2013  |  Admin

Total Boxfit Windsor & Fifield 

Total Boxfit is a variation of the standard Boxercise and isa fun class that incorporates dynamic punches, kicks, elbows and knees, increasing your stamina whilst toning both the upper and lower body.

An enjoyable way of beating out stress and punching yourway to fitness. It utilises all your muscles and can gives you a fantastic high intense cardio workout like a body combat session, the only difference is that you will work in pairs on the pads instead of in the air.

Just like Boxercise and BodyCombat you can expect high intense sessions with large calorie burning potential with increases in fitness, strength and stamina. Total BoxFit in Windsor is the ultimate class that is varied between fitness exercises and the padwork. Pads and gloves are provided however we advise participants to purchase their own for optimum performance.

Youcan purchase pads and gloves through Total Wellbeing Solutions Online Portal. With a timetable offering a range of other classes in the Windsor and Fifield area that have an incredible friendly atmosphere and knowledgeable Coaches, then Total Wellbeing Solutions is the right place for you to train and gain the results you want and deserve!

For more information log on to our Online Bookings to  look at the selection of classes available and book your trial of a group exercise class in Windsor.