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Boxing Gloves and Pads New Arrivals

Sunday, 29 April 2012  |  Admin

Our fantastic new range of Boxing Gloves, Focus Pads and Thai Pads offer amazing value for money and come in 3 sizes and 3 colours for the gloves and the pads offer secure grips and strapping. With attention to detail on stitching, straps and piping our boxing equipment is not only highly functional but look great as well!

TWS Focus Pads are curved which make them comfortable to wear, made from split leather they offer first class protection for the hand and a brilliant target for the puncher with a centre mark on the pad to help focus each strike. 

Thai Pads are very versatile and can be used as Kick Shields or Elbow Strike Pads as a big target for Hook and Jab. Made from split leather with 3 securing points riveted to the pad for maximum security and stability TWS Thai Pads are a great exercise class accessory.

Boxing Gloves from 10oz to 14oz are perfect for Boxercise classes, Kickboxing and light pad work, they are light weight but offer great protection for the hand. With quick release velcro straps you can quickly change gloves for pads during a high energy class.

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