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Emily Fruit Crisps and FitBites Energy Snacks

Wednesday, 24 December 2014  |  Admin

Emily Fruit Crisps - 3 Amazing Flavours

Emily Fruit Crisps are an exciting range of fruit snacks with all the goodness you would expect but with the crunch of a crisp. Whilst travelling in the Far East, Alex and Emily found an amazing way of making fruit crisps in a vacuum that preserves all the goodness you find in fruit but with an amazing crunch of a crisp. They decided to make their own back in the UK and Alex named them after Emily so he could see her name wherever he went.

With 3 delicious flavours your breakfast or snack will never have tasted so good!

  • Crunchy Apple Fruit Crisps
  • Crunchs Pineapple Fruit Crisps
  • Crunchy Banana Fruit Crisps

FitBites - Energy Snacks

  • FitBites - Acai Asana - Cranberries, Medjool dates, Fig, Raisins, Raw Cacao, Acai
  • FitBites - Maca Mantra - Raisins, Medjool dates, Prunes, Almonds (nuts) Figs, Coconut, Sunflower seeds (nuts), Maca
  • FitBites - pirulina Stretch - Apricots , Medjool dates , Almonds (nuts), Coconut, Spirulina
  • FitBites - Mixed Box - 4 of Each Amazing Flavours Above

When you give the body the nutrients it needs to work efficiently and also provide it with powerful antioxidants that protect against damage, the body simply starts to work and function better, leading to increased energy levels, better sleep patterns and ultimately enhanced athletic performance.

FitBites are produced for active, health conscious people. FitBites asked a large number of dancers, yogis and dedicated pilates goers what they wanted from an energy food. The response was very different from that of a runner or cyclist. They were looking for a product that offered energy without weighing them down to feel bloated and heavy. It had to be sustaining yet easy to digest, offering nutrients and the highest quality natural, whole foods.


Emily Fruit Crisps - Crunchy Apple


Emily Fruit Crisps - Crunchy Banana


 FitBites - Mixed Box



Emily Fruit Crisps - Crunchy Pineapple