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First BoxFit Fitness Session Since Christmas

Thursday, 3 January 2013  |  Admin

Thursday 27th December 2012  - BoxFit/Pad Attack Class

I was looking forward to getting back to a TWS class after 5 days away from any exercise, this was for several reasons.

  1. Burn off all the turkey, ham, beef, potatoes, stuffing, sausage meat, Quality Street, crisps and beer that I had allowed myself to consume over Christmas.
  2. See all the guys and girls from our Thursday class and swap stories of our Christmas festivities.
  3. And most importantly, test out my new Polar FT40 Heart Rate Monitor and Calorie Counting Watch!

The TWS Thursday BoxFit/Pad Attack Class was well attended for a class so close to the other side of Christmas, I can only guess that they had all over indulged a bit like myself.

The BoxFit class consists of 1 hour pad work with a partner, you can either come as a couple or be matched up with a partner after the warm up. I had always judged this class to be a good, balanced workout with High Intensity exercise anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes with a rest in between whilst you become the pad holder, although depending on the routine you may have exercises with the puncher.

This class suits people of all ages and abilities, it is more than just a "Boxercise" class and due to the qualifications and expertise of the instructors it includes a lot more combination punches and kicks as well as aerobic exercise and some fantastic abdominal work (I'm a little obsessed with getting some proper abs at the moment...never had them even in my prime!)

As I said earlier, I had judged this class to be a good balanced class, what I didn't realise was  just how balanced it was, but with the aid of my FT40 I was able to record the complete session from warm up to cool down....I did have to check the results twice just to make sure it was correct!

 Session Time  58 min 15 seconds
 Fat Burn  29 min 07 seconds
 Fitness  29 min 08 seconds
 Calories Burnt  639
 Calorie Fat  21% (Fat Percentage of the Calories Burt
Average Heartbeat  133 BPM
Maximum Heartbeat  170 BPM

This has to be the most perfect balance of Fat Burn and Fitness ratio you will ever see! it will be interesting to see how I perform next week in this class as I am not sure how I was affected by the Christmas Week....Time will tell!

On another note, thank you TWS for recommending this watch to me! I feel that I will gain a much better understanding of my fitness, exercise routines and how to regulate my sessions with your help and guidance and the FT40.