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Great Tasting Products At TWS!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016  |  Admin

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Great Tasting Products At TWS!


In todays busy lifestyle finding the right nutrition and energy snack is becoming more difficult, at Total Wellbeing Solutions we bring you some of the best and healthiest snacks expertly sourced and all designed to help you. Paleo Snacks from Primal Kitchen and Grain Free Granola from The Paleo Food Company are a great introduction to the cavemen diet. Our Energy Snacks have been sourced to bring you the finest ingredients and energy packed nutrition from Bounce Energy Balls and Superseeds and many more.


Creative Nature

At Creative Nature, they take pride in our ability to source the highest quality products from around the world, so that you can safely enjoy our super foods, knowing that the nutritional benefits are second to none. On each product page you will find information on the products, their nutritional value and some comparisons as to why you should choose Creative Nature as your super food company favourite.

The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree have created a healthy and delicious range that the whole family can enjoy- no matter what your age. Their freeze-dried crisp range is perfectly suited to all ages and demographics. They are great for athletes as they are light weight and can be taken along for a trek, run or bike ride. Since they dissolve easily, even toddlers will love them.


Emily Fruit Crisps

There’s none of that funny stuff going on in Emily Fruit Crisps. There’s no preservatives, no additives, no added sugars, no e numbers and they are gluten-free too. There’s nothing but a little oil and lots of fruity deliciousness. Emily Fruit Crisps are perfect for snacking, as a delicious topping for yoghurt or as an inspirational ingredient in all sorts of home baking.


Purition Wholefood Protein Shakes support your goals and help you achieve them naturally. All products are full of protein, healthy omega fats and fibre. Full of 100% natural superfoods which are also low in carbs and high in protein giving you your nutrients to provide a toned and flawless body. All the ingredients in these products are entirely natural, complete with 7 seeds and nuts plus natural whey protein isolate. This is also suitable for vegetarians which makes Purition Protein Shakes very unique.