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Mountain Bike Ride Swinley Forest

Saturday, 12 January 2013  |  Admin

Sunday 6th January 2013  - Mountain Bike Ride - Swinley Forest

I have given my body a good workout over the past week and recorded each session with my Polar FT40 Watch except for a 1 1hr 30min session which consisted of 45min BoxFit and 45min Spinning. It was strange as I felt this session did not count for anything as I could not measure my performance, am I becoming addicted to my Polar FT40? Better this than booze and fags I suppose!

Sessions recorded over the last week:

2nd Jan : 45 min : Weights : 493 Cal : 15% Fat Cal Burn : 138 BPM avg : 166 BPM max 

3rd Jan : 1 hr 05 min : BoxFit : 783 Cal : 16% Fat Cal Burn : 138 BPM avg : 166 BPM max  

4th Jan : 45 min : BoxFit : 45 min Spinning - NO WATCH SO WHO KNOWS!

So on to the Mountain Bike Ride - Swinley Forest

I was invited to join B.O.B (Berks On Bikes) club for what was reported to be a "Leisure Ride" felt like anything but this! I'm sure I could sue under some trades description act ;)

We met in a car park near Broadmoor and headed off at 10am, I had a look around my fellow riders and out of the 15 people attending I thought I would have no problem keeping wrong I was.

It does not matter how fit you are or believe yourself to be, mountain biking uses a whole new set of muscles that rarely see this much exercise in a short space of time. I am also convinced (although this bit may be to make me feel better) that if you do not know your gears and understand which one you need for mud, climbs, downhill, flats and small mountains, you will find it difficult. 

I realised this as my 14  fellow bike riders sailed past me on the first climb, which I eventually reached the top of huffing and puffing...this was only 10 minutes in to the bike ride, only 1 hr 50 min to go!

Here is the session, I do not know what to make of it, I thought I would be in Fat Burn a lot longer with a steady burn between the 2 but it would seem that a 'true' mountain bike ride, rather than just a bike ride, really pushes the body and would keep you extremely fit on a regular basis.

 Session Time 2 hr 03 min 28 seconds
 Fat Burn  33 min 06 seconds
 Fitness  1 hr 28 min 42 seconds
 Calories Burnt  1387
 Calorie Fat  17% (Fat Percentage of the Calories Burt)
Average Heartbeat  135 BPM
Maximum Heartbeat  168 BPM

Hats of to B.O.B...fantastic bunch of guys and girls and they know the forest like the back of their hands, it was a fantastic workout with fresh air, changing scenery, exhilaration and a few scary downhill moments....but no broken bones and my dignity intact!

See you again B.O.B.