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Naked Ape - Cherry Coco

Thursday, 14 April 2016  |  Admin

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Naked Ape - Cherry Coco




The Cherry Coco snack is Gluten free and perfect for everyone, whether on the go, after training at the gym or for a mid-day snack, and it has the highest protein content of the mixed snacks with a whopping 72.5% Biltong which is great for building those muscles and keeping hunger away.

Naked ape's Cherry Coco pack is one of the firm favourites here in the office as not only does it taste great but it also has the largest quantity of biltong in any of our mixed packs.

They came up with this combination when their customers were asking for a healthy nut free snack option. They still wanted to make sure there was a good source of both healthy fats and carbohydrates to go along with the protein from the biltong, so dried coconut and cherries were an obvious choice.

They chose dried coconut as it's an awesome source of healthy fats; medium chain triglycerides (MTC's). MCT's are transported in the blood through the hepatic portal system; as a result they bypass the fat storage cells, known as adipose tissue. This makes them less susceptible to being deposited in those cells and consequently stored as fat. Instead, they tend to be metabolised by a process called beta-oxidation – or fat burning – and utilised for energy.


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They coupled these with dried cherries, not only because they taste amazing together but also because they have great anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They also contain melatonin, a substance which is critical in regulating your sleep-wake cycle aiding with recovery after training.