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New Year - New Training

Wednesday, 2 January 2013  |  Admin

Here we are, 2013 and another year has flown by, but for me I have never felt fitter and more alive than I have these past 12 months. I have agreed to write this blog for Total Wellbeing Solutions, who I have been training with for the past 12 months, to show how their training sessions have helped me improve my fitness, lose 3st 4lbs in 12 months and improve my attitude to eating and training. With the aid of my new Polar FT40 watch that has very quickly become a very important aid to my training, I will record and relate to you my training sessions and results.

So, who am I?

In November 2011 I turned 39, weighed 14st 4lbs and at 5ft 7¾in (never forget the fraction!) and approaching a 40in waist, these were not good statistics. My lifestyle consisted of stressful desks jobs since the age of 16, only ever finding time to eat once per day which was normally after7PM, and a coffee habit that according to my doctor should have put me 6ft under years ago, things needed to change and quickly as I wanted to see an improvement before the big 4 0.

I started training with TWS on 15th November2011 and under their guidance, classes, exercise routines and my hard work (they can not do it all for you) I quickly got the results I was looking for. Now weighing 11st 0lbs, still at 5ft 7¾in (never forget the fraction!), a 31in waist and yes, 40 years old, I have hit some major milestones but I am still driven to achieve more.

I look forward to posting my training sessions in the hope that they will help others understand how TWS can help you achieve your goals.