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One to One Fitness Session

Friday, 4 January 2013  |  Admin

Friday 28th December 2012  - One to One Session with a TWS Wellbeing Coach

From the start I could tell it was going to be a tough one! I had foolishly mentioned to my TWS Wellbeing Coach I felt that I had not been pushing myself hard enough in my sessions, to which he replied that with the help of my Polar FT40 Watch we could see how true that was.

It was going to be a 45 minute session with warm up and cool down, but it was going to be fast with minimal rest in between exercises. 

My routine was as follows:

  • 5 minute bike warm up
  • 12kg kettlebell right arm high pulls - 12 reps
  • 20mtr sprint 
  • 12kg kettlebell left arm high pulls - 12 reps
  • 20mtr sprint
  • 20kg kettlebell swings - 20 reps
  • Sprints - 400mtr at 17kph (or 1min 30sec)
  • REPEAT 3 Times
I wont lie, by the 3rd sprint my legs were gone! But looking at my heart rate I knew I had more, it just felt that I wanted to give I dug deep and finished the last 400mtr sprint....then on to some light weights to tone:
  • 10kg dumbbell bicep curls - 20 reps each arm
  • 10kg dumbbell bent over triceps kickback - 20 reps each arm
  • 10kg push up on the dumbbell with a burpee and shoulder press - 20 reps
  • Push Up with 20kg core bag drag under the body - 20 reps
  • REPEAT 3 Times
Arms were now starting to burn but felt pretty good, so one last blast to finish the session before the stretch and warm down.
  • 500mtr ski pulls - aim for 2mins (completed in 2min 20sec) 

The ski pulls are a killer but a great way to set times to beat, I personally find this a great way to achieve quick goals. Set a time at the end of a session that you will not be able to do and then spend the next few weeks bringing the time down each time until you hit the target time...then move on to another!

 This session was a full on Fitness session, I maxed out my BPM on the sprints which is to be expected. 

 Session Time  43 min 33 seconds
 Fat Burn  04 min 48 seconds
 Fitness  38 min 34 seconds
 Calories Burnt  576
 Calorie Fat  12% (Fat Percentage of the Calories Burt
Average Heartbeat  145 BPM
Maximum Heartbeat  174 BPM

I now plan to dow a few more Fitness sessions before evening out with another Fat Burn session, I now feel a lot more in control of my training and starting to understand how my body works and reacts to the different sessions...time will tell.