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Raw Gorilla Paleo Crispies and Munchies

Friday, 4 September 2015  |  Admin

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Raw Gorilla - Crispies & Munchies
2 Amazing Flavours

Its Paleotastic!!


Original Flavour - Raw Gorilla's signature original crispies with a deep caramelly flavour and just a pinch of vanilla. We truly love the combination of sprouted buckwheat seeds covered in our dairy free caramel sauce bursting with superfood goodness, such as lucuma fruit and raw maca. Coconut flakes are added for good measure and we took this mix to another level with sweet cashews and chewy figs. Yum!

Cacao Flavour - Raw Gorillas favourite chocolatey treat in the morning. Whilst offering a truly raw breakfast experience, these crispy sprouted buckwheat groats are full of alkalizing goodness. After soaking and dehydrating below 42C, these mighty nuggets of nutrition are ready to have a bath in a chocolate sauce made with superfood lucuma fruit, raw cacao and creamy cacao butter. For the extra sweetness they added a generous handful of raw coconut chips and chewy dates. Spoon in!

Or try the amazing Munchies on the go !

Raw Cocao Munchies - If you are looking for an afternoon chocolate fix, grab some lovely Raw Cacao Lucuma Munchies. These delicious morsels are made with sprouted buckwheat and sunflower seeds, activated almonds and naturally sweet fruits.

Raw Original MunchiesA delicious blend of sprouted buckwheat and sunflower seeds, activated almonds, chewy fruits and energizing superfoods maca and just a dash of cinnamon just to make sure you are totally buzzing.


Raw Gorilla - Original Crispies


Raw Gorilla - Cacao Crispies


Raw Gorilla - Original Munchies       





Raw Gorilla - Cacao Crispies