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RawFood Organic Superfoods and Filtered Water Bottles

Friday, 15 May 2015  |  Admin

Organic Super Foods and Snacks

LoveRaw Organic Food founder discovered the world of organic fresh produce and the important role a nourishing diet has on our body, thoughts and our feelings. Their love for healthy organic foods began to blossom, weekly farmers markets, healthy cooking, juices and cleanses. LoveRaw was now well and officially established.

They retailed the first products with Wholefoods in London and have been on an amazing journey ever since. At LoveRaw they thrive on passion for healthy products that use the cleanest ingredients possible! .

Superfoods help  with our core beliefs; that good health is accessible and affordable to everyone. It allows us to prepare quick nutritious meals for our families.

Water-To-Go - Filtered Water Bottles

Water-To-Go Water Bottles are your perfect companion. with the ability to remove chemicals from tap water such as chlorine and fluoride as well as contaminations when out and about, at the gym or on holiday.

Water-To-Go use LDPE in the manufacturing of their bottles which mean they are BPA FREE water bottles, BPA can 'leach' from plastics in to water when left in sunlight or temperatures over 60 degrees Fahrenheit, Water-To-Go bottles materials are FDA approved for food and beverages.

With 6 fabulous colours to choose from you can keep hydrated no matter where you are with clean and safe filtered water. .

Great results have been promised and they certainly deliver!



Water-To-Go Pink


RawFood - Organic Skin Food Blend

 RawFood - Organic Cacao & Maca Bar

Water-To-Go Blue