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The Giving Tree Snacks Now Online!

Wednesday, 4 May 2016  |  Admin

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The Giving Tree Snacks Now Online!


The Giving Tree have created a healthy and delicious range that the whole family can enjoy - no matter what your age. Their freeze-dried crisp range is perfectly suited to all ages and demographics. They are great for athletes as they are light weight and can be taken along for a trek, run or bike ride. Since they dissolve easily, even toddlers will love them.

Enter the forest.
Eat from the tree.
Discover the undiscovered edible me.
We’re healthy, we’re crunchy, we’re tasty, we’re real.
We’re as fresh as can be, for a snack or a meal.



Freeze drying foods is a process that removes 98% of the food’s water content, giving it a longer shelf life whilst retaining the flavour, colour and nutritional elements. Freeze dried foods are rich in antioxidants, potassium and fibre. 1 of your 5 a day, freeze drying fruit and vegetables has very little impact on its nutritional content and has all the goodness of fresh. Freeze dried fruits are a quick and convenient way of eating plenty of fruit and vegetables.


Vacuum frying is a process of putting food into a machine that pressurises and cooks it with the use of hot oil, but at much lower temperatures than traditional frying methods. Putting the process in a vacuum lowers water’s evaporation point. Food can fry at lower temperatures, absorbing less oil. Studies even indicate that vacuum-frying retains more nutrients than traditional frying.


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  The Giving Tree - Peach Crisps



   The Giving Tree - Strawberry Crisps


The Giving Tree - Apple Crisps


                     The Giving Tree - Mango Crisps