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The Importance of Stretching

Tuesday, 1 October 2013  |  Admin

The Importance of Stretching

Stretching and flexibility is a key concept that should play a key role in daily life and in particular in any exercise regime. However, it is often neglected and therefore could potentially increase the risk of injury that an individual may face.

The major benefits that stretching has are:

  •      Increased Circulation
  •      (Increased) Flexibility
  •      Increased Range of Motion
  •      Reducing stress
  •      Reducing lower back pain

Stretching offers increased circulation as it increases the blood flow and supply of nutrients to muscles and cartilage. This will help to make day to day life easier as it will help alleviate pain.

To improve flexibility stretching is the most effective way, as it helps any tight or short muscles lengthen, therefore reducing the risk of many injuries. Improved flexibility will help you exercise more easily as there will be less pain and mean that you can improve your performance.

Increasing your Range Of Motion by stretching will help you to keep your joints free and easy making exercise less painful and by reducing a higher risk of injury of you have a poor range of motion. It helps you to keep better balance and less susceptible to fall especially as you begin to age.

Everyone has stress, which has a negative impact on your body as it contracts and shortens the muscle making it tense, and having tense muscles increases risk of injury. By stretching the muscles it eases the tension throughout the body and can also help by improving your mood. 

Stretching is a great way of increasing the strength and alleviating muscle soreness in the lower back. There are many muscles (quadriceps, hamstrings, lower back muscles and hip flexors) that contribute to your posture, so stretching these muscles has the ability to greatly reduce or eliminate lower back pain.

Stretching is important for any individual because of all the benefits that it has. Also it allows people to achieve greater athletic performance or just to exercise pain free. 

Please read the stretching guidelines below and use the exercise diagrams to bring stretching and flexibility work into your exercise regime.



Preparatory stretches:

These are done in between the warm up and the start of the programme. They are held for 8 Seconds

Maintenance Stretches:

These stretches are done at the end of the programme and are held for about 12 seconds

Developmental stretches:

These stretches are done at the end of the programme and are held for up to 30 seconds.

Look at the diagrams below and they will give you the stretches and also the points to perform them correctly and safely. There are many stretches given, but if any more are required then please feel free to ask.

 Upper Body:  Lower Body: 
 Chest Stretch 

Front of Thigh

 Back Stretch  

Back of Thigh


Back of Arm & Inner Thigh (done thogether) 

Calf Stretch




Calf Stretch against Wall


Lower Body Variations and Developmental stretching Routine



This routine should be carried out at the end of a workout and all of these stretches should be held for up to 30 seconds. The routine should be completed 2 – 3 times to help improve flexibility.

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