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TWS August 2014 Newsletter

Friday, 1 August 2014  |  Admin
TWS FitZone Monthly Newsletter

TWS FitZone Update

Over the last 7 months since we have opened, we have started along our path to become the Transformation Specialists in the area.

We have seen many people start their own journey for a variety of reasons, for some it is weight loss, others it is for health and fitness and more importantly for some it is about them feeling better about themselves and being happy. Whatever your reason we appreciate you being a member of the TWS FitZone, which was created to offer a holistic approach to offer everyone a fun, enjoyable non-intimidating place to train. As with everything we are learning on the job and small changes may occur as the business evolves. Please feel free to offer us constructive feedback or speak with one of the team if you need any information.

We want the FitZone as “The Functional Fitness Studio” to be and also where we offer “The Solution” to your health and fitness needs.

All we ask in return is tell people about us! Let them know the experiences you have had and why it lives up to the claims.

TWS FitZone Team

TWS Nutrition Tip

A way to make your blood sugar stays constant and you do not have dips in blood sugar and energy leading to eating high sugary foods.


Adapt your lifestyle, Change your life.

Special Offer!

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6 Week Summer Shape up

In three weeks we will open your mind, adapt your nutrition and work your body

 In 6 weeks we will Transform your Life  

  • £75 - No joining fee
  • 6 weeks full membership
  • Fitness programme consultation
  • Access to all TWS FitZone Classes
  • 15% off other TWS Products and Services
  • Two complimentary one day guest passes(for friends to try)

Support, motivation and advice online social media via Facebook, Twitter and email.


Mind Zone!

"Losers visualize the penalties of failure. Winners visualize the rewards of success."

FitZone Monthly Challenge

This month’s challenge involves you trying to get to the gym at least three times a week!

Sounds simple doesn’t it? But we have also written a program for you to follow whilst you’re at the gym.

The program is as followed


10 round challenge (1000 reps) 

  • 10 press ups                                   10 tricep kickbacks
  • 10 crunches                                    10 squats
  • 10 burpees                                      10 lunges
  • 10 shoulder press                          10 push press
  • 10 bicep curls                                 10 kettlebell swing


This Challenge is As Fast as Possible (AFAP)

If you want to ask a member of the team to time your challenge.


If you find yourself getting bored of the same workout why not speak to a Fit Coach to book a session and change things up.


FitZone Information

FitZone Etiquette

Please be aware that there are more people participating in the classes and using the FitZone. We therefore ask for your assistance in keeping it a clean, friendly, enjoyable place to train.

We are asking if you could please wipe down equipment after use with either a sweat towel or the anti – bacterial spray and roll provided.

FitZone Bookings

Please continue to book classes either online via the online booking system, by calling the FitZone or in person when you are in the club.

Bookings must be made prior to the classes as less than 3 people booked in 2 hours before the class start time may result with a class being cancelled.

We appreciate you may need to cancel short notice but not knowing how many people booked in for a class may lead to reduced class time with more set up time required.


FitZone Awards

Every month the TWS FitZone Team will be selecting a Member of the Month and a Most Improved Member of the Month. This will be based on many factors including attendance, effort, achievements and results

July Member of the Month: Sophie Birch

July Most Improved Member: Simon Gore