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TWS July 2014 Newsletter

Tuesday, 1 July 2014  |  Admin
TWS FitZone Monthly Newsletter

TWS FitZone

This is more than just a training and nutrition plan. This is for Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Changes. In this plan we utilize our TWS Concept of Mind, Body and Nutrition. It is essential to be successful that all 3 of these areas are looked at, as manipulating the weaker area or areas can have a huge amount of success on your final achievements.

Transform With Success!

If you are interested in this Transform With Success Programme please contact us as there will be a version available for a limited number and time frame.


TWS FitZone Team

TWS Nutrition Tip

5 tips to help improve your nutrition immediately.


  1. Eat more green, leafy, fibrous vegetables 
  2. Stay hydrated and drink more water (8-10 glasses)
  3. Eat more protein from food 
  4. Stick to single ingredient whole fresh food.
  5. Consume healthy fats (omega 3 rich sources)



Adapt your lifestyle, Change your life.

Special Offer!

Promote this offer to your friends, family and anyone else you think that could benefit from it.

6 Week Summer Shape up

In three weeks we will open your mind, adapt your nutrition and work your body

 In 6 weeks we will Transform your Life  

  • £75 - No joining fee
  • 6 weeks full membership
  • Fitness programme consultation
  • Access to all TWS FitZone Classes
  • 15% off other TWS Products and Services
  • Two complimentary one day guest passes(for friends to try)

Support, motivation and advice online social media via Facebook, Twitter and email.


Mind Zone!

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”

– Bill Cosby

FitZone Monthly Challenge

This month’s challenge involves you trying to get to the gym at least three times a week!

Sounds simple doesn’t it? But we have also written a program for you to follow whilst you’re at the gym.


The program is as followed


  • Squat/ Curl/Press  x 30 reps
  • Sprint starts or knees up x 100 (50 each side)
  • Weighted Burpee x 30 reps
  • Sprint starts or knees up x 100 (50 each side)
  • Press Up Row x 30 reps
  • Sprint starts or knees up x 100 (50 each side)

Repeat 3 times.


This Challenge is As Fast as Possible (AFAP)

If you want to ask a member of the team to time your challenge.


If you find yourself getting bored of the same workout why not speak to a Fit Coach to book a session and change things up.


FitZone Information

FitZone Etiquette

Please be aware that there are more people participating in the classes and using the FitZone. We therefore ask for your assistance in keeping it a clean, friendly, enjoyable place to train.

We are asking if you could please wipe down equipment after use with either a sweat towel or the anti – bacterial spray and roll provided.

FitZone in the Community!

Saturday July 12th TWS will be at the
White Waltham and Shottesbroke Parish Church Fete between 12pm and 3pm.

We would be grateful if any of you could pop down and show support and maybe even wear your TWS T-shirts.

We anticipate that this will be a good event and hope to see you there.


FitZone Awards

Every month the TWS FitZone Team will be selecting a Member of the Month and a Most Improved Member of the Month. This will be based on many factors including attendance, effort, achievements and results

May Member of the Month: Sarah Gore

May Most Improved Member: Peter Dyer