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TWS Newsletter - January 2015

Friday, 20 February 2015  |  Admin


TWS FitZone Monthly Newsletter


A fantastic start to the year at TWS FitZone, we have been in the local paper with many new people trying the classes at the FitZone. We are always looking to make people a part of the FitZone Family and help them to achieve their goals as you are already working towards your own.

We have also trialled a system in the boxing class that works on 3 minute rounds as a mixture of boxing and cardio. The feedback from the classes has been extremely positive. Due to this feedback the system of Box 12 is being put in place. More information to come soon.

Generally a fantastic start to the year, except for the weather, so let’s keep this momentum rolling and get yourself working towards the summer beach body you want, as all the hard work is done through the winter months.

Until the next update, keep training, keep motivated and most of all keep smiling.


TWS FitZone Team



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TWS Nutrition Tip


Mind Zone!

“There is nothing more dangerous than a closed mind!”

FitZone Memberships

TWS FitZone is looking to be the best members club it can be. Therefore in 2015 the membership price structure will be changing. (Effect of 1st Feb 2015)

We will be offering different prices based on

  • member commitment (different contract lengths available)
  • commitment to direct debit instead of cash or card monthly payments
  • Monthly personal training membership (up to 3 people per session)
  • Transform With Success transformation coaching systems (which can be paid for via monthly direct debit or one off payments).

Personal Training sessions or blocks of sessions should be paid for and booked in advance.

Pay as you go sessions will be available but will be £8

Contact us for any further information and to discuss the best option for you to take.

We are always looking at ways to benefit our loyal members so long term commitment will be rewarded with the best possible prices.

Get signed up now to start 2015 the right way at TWS Fitzone! 

BookingBug Emails

Just to make you aware that with our booking system you will receive email notifications when you are booked into a class or our functional zone. We use the system to book people in and record numbers and attendance. Please do not worry if one email suggests that you owe for a class or workout, we will contact you personally if this is the case.

Please continue to use the booking system online or contact us to book you in, as less than 3 people booked an hour before a class could result in it being cancelled.


X-ertion is our high intensity fitness programme combining H.I.I.T training and Heart Rate Training. Scientifically proven to get the most effective results in the fastest possible time. 

FitZone Awards

Every month the TWS FitZone Team will be selecting a Member of the Month and a Most Improved Member of the Month. This will be based on many factors including attendance, effort, achievements and results

January Member of the Month: Mark Denny

January Most Improved Member: Shelley Broughton