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TWS September 2014 Newsletter

Tuesday, 9 September 2014  |  Admin
TWS FitZone Monthly Newsletter

TWS FitZone - Feedback

The FitZone is now back in full swing after the summer holiday season. We are always looking to improve the service that we offer our members. As an independent members club we want to keep it a fun, friendly, enjoyable place to train where you will achieve results. We also try and act on feedback that members give us if it is possible and viable.

Our next quarterly timetable change is due at the end of September. Therefore we are asking for your feedback on your preferred class times and classes. We would appreciate responses as it takes time and effort to try and put a timetable together that is suitable for as many of our members as possible.

We would say that if you do not give feedback your class or time could change so please make sure that you make the effort as we will be using stats from the last quarter as well as the feedback we receive from members. We will try to accommodate the feedback received, however do not be disheartened if it is not done this time, we will keep all the information we receive for future reference.

We would like to welcome any new joiners to the TWS FitZone and also thank everyone for their continued support.

TWS FitZone Team

TWS Nutrition Tip


A way to make sure you stay hydrated is to include these water filled foods into your diet.



Adapt your lifestyle, Change your life.



Special Offer!

Supplement Bundle

For this month if you purchase the supplement stack below

  • Vita Balance
  • 100g Green Magic powder
  • Omega 3,6,9
  • Vitamin d

Not only will you receive a 15% discount but also a 30minute consultation on how and when to take them and any other nutrition questions that you may have.

Mind Zone!

“We are still masters of our fate, we are still captains of our souls”.

Winston Churchill

FitZone Monthly Challenge

This month’s challenge involves you trying to get to the gym at least three times a week!

Sounds simple doesn’t it? But we have also written a program for you to follow whilst you’re at the gym.


The program is as followed

  • 100 chest press
  • 100 bent over row
  • 100 military press
  • 50 bicep curls
  • 50 tricep Kickbacks/dips
  • 100 squats


AFAP (As Fast As Possible)

If you want to ask a member of the team to time your challenge.

If you find yourself getting bored of the same workout why not speak to a Fit Coach to book a session and change things up.

FitZone Information

We are hosting the Macmillan Coffee morning
Friday 26th September between 09.00am and 12.00pm

Please feel free to come along to support and make sure you bring your friends and family. Enjoy the cake and maybe stay and burn it off after!

FitZone Bookings

Please continue to book classes either online via the online booking system, by calling the FitZone or in person when you are in the club.

Bookings must be made prior to the classes as less than 3 people booked in 2 hours before the class start time may result with a class being cancelled.

We appreciate you may need to cancel short notice but not knowing how many people booked in for a class may lead to reduced class time with more set up time required.


FitZone Awards

Every month the TWS FitZone Team will be selecting a Member of the Month and a Most Improved Member of the Month. This will be based on many factors including attendance, effort, achievements and results

August Member of the Month: Sue Spiteri

August Most Improved Member: Mike Wiseman