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We Bring New Products to TWS!

Thursday, 19 May 2016  |  Admin

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We Bring New Products to TWS!


Creative Nature

At Creative Nature, they take pride in their ability to source the highest quality products from around the world, so that you can safely enjoy our super foods, knowing that the nutritional benefits are second to none. On each product page you will find information on the products, their nutritional value and some comparisons as to why you should choose Creative Nature as your super food company favourite.


Chi Coconut Water

CHI coconut water, which is 100% pure, with no added sugar, no added preservatives and no chemicals, also deserved premium packaging unlike any other on the market. They commissioned a very special “chi island” illustration for the package which is symbolic of balance, hydration and provenance.


The Giving Tree

 The Giving Tree Snacks have created a healthy and delicious range that the whole family can enjoy. Their special freeze drying and vacuum frying process means that 100% of the nutrition remains intact.  Ever had Strawberry crisps?  You’ll be pleasantly surprised!  Preservative free, all natural, we are guilt free and delicious. For innovation in snacking, you’ve come to the right place.
The Naked Ape
Naked Ape is the UK's leading brand in award winning hand made healthy biltong based snacks that were born out of a love for natural clean healthy foods, untouched and unchanged by modern man's obsession with additives and chemicals to help us follow a healthy diet.


                                              CHI Coconut Water       



                                Creative Nature Superfoods




   The Giving Tree Snacks


          Naked Ape Biltong Snacks