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Mission Statement

"Our mission is to provide our clients first rate health and fitness using education and a holistic approach, in a safe, fun environment, whilst maintaining our exemplary level of customer satisfaction”.

CorpFit Services

Our solution to changing perceptions in the workplace is

TWS CorpFit

Total Wellbeing Solutions Ltd incorporating TWS FitZone promotes with passion our belief that healthy living is much more than just exercise. Our principal of Mind, Body and Nutrition has been our driving force from the start and we offer our members access to many services and advice with our team of professionals who share our ethos. 

Our instructors have worked with many companies in the past such as Lexmark, Siemens, O2, Vodafone and Microsoft TVP promoting healthy living, running lunchtime and afterwork classes and offering guidance on nutrition and dietary plans as well as monitoring blood glucose levels and blood pressure. We are therefore able to put effective plans together working in partnership with a business to ensure we deliver the right programme and only the services they feel would be beneficial to their staff.

CorpFit services

  • 4 x Classes per Month : Circuit, BoxFit, Abs - We also offer one off sessions with Yoga Flow, Dynamic Flex & Stretch and MMA (onsite classes depend or area to have classes and insurances)
  • 1 x Onsite per Month : Onsite consultation for Nutrition, Health or Training advice - To include some one off visits from Chiropractors and Masseur’s (for chair massages)
  • Online App : An iPhone/Android Training App with 5 programmes that can be completed at home for toning and cardio - this has video tutorials as well as the ability to record progress, increase reps and we can individualise if someone requires something specific for the gym. The 5 general routines will be changed every 2 months to vary the exercises but give people a chance to improve.
  • Profiling, Information and Guidance Pack: An A5 booklet that includes assessments, questionnaires, nutrition advice, meal ideas, sections to record progress, goal setting and much more. The pack is extremely comprehensive and will help focus people on their goals, all based around our mantra of MINDY, BODY and NUTRITION. We will go through this with the employees and help them start off in the initial stages, this is to be used in conjunction with the App and our visits or can be used by the individual and kept private..
  • Facebook Group: We have created a community of like minded people and companies where they can ask for help and advice from the trainers as well as each other, post runs, routines, progress etc. quickly and easily in a format they know and use everyday.
  • Healthy Snacks and Drinks: Provide healthy snacks and drinks in the kitchen areas to the value of 15% of your monthly fees, employees or the company can then purchase extra products if required at a 10% discount.

The company or employees can also purchase additional services such as PT sessions, personalised food plans or additional snack items.

Pricing is based on number of employees as it is a global offering to the company, not individually therefore we encourage as many employees to participate in some manner.

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