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Mission Statement

"Our mission is to provide our clients first rate health and fitness using education and a holistic approach, in a safe, fun environment, whilst maintaining our exemplary level of customer satisfaction”.


Changing perceptions in the workplace

We have worked with companies on creating Health Charters that set out statements, goals and outcomes for their employees.

Employers are starting to recognise that the key to a productive workforce is taking a 360-degree approach to engagement. Health, happiness and productivity are intrinsically linked. Employers have a huge opportunity to boost the health and happiness of employees through meaningful engagement programs, and reap the rewards of the increased workplace satisfaction and productivity that result from this.

Do company benefits and perks keep you healthy

  • Company pension
  • Subsidised canteen
  • Private healthcare
  • Life insurance (death in service)
  • Gym membership
  • Free tea, coffee and biscuits

If the words 'employee benefit' are taken literally, you'd be forgiven for thinking that all the benefit sits with the employee. But with 66% of staff saying they would be more likely to stay with an employer that offered good benefits, it's clear that employers also stand to gain.

Current Corporate Benefits:

Company pension  
Helps you put money away for when you are retired, we all need this but lets hope we are fit and healthy to enjoy it

Subsidised canteen
Normally run by outside contractors who may not share your concern for healthy food alternatives.

Private healthcare
We will look after you when you are ill or require surgery

Life insurance
Sometimes called “death in service”, if the worst should happen whilst you work for us your next of kin will receive a lump sum

Gym membership
We have tied in with a national gym who are hoping that as a subsidised gym member you become a ”sleeper” and never really visit them.

Free tea or coffee
On your breaks drink as much tea and coffee or eat as many biscuits as you can, ignore the sugar rush.

For employees, a benefit package can help plan for old age and unexpected events (like becoming ill or injured), and can save them a bit of money on day-to-day expenses too, but does it help look after you?

Problem statement identified by an employer

  • Health & Wellbeing is becoming a focus of the company, but looking after your health is not encouraged enough
  • The team are not educated to the benefits of Health & Wellbeing and therefore do not have the desire to participate
  • Individuals that participate and exercise during the day can be viewed negatively by others  assuming they do not have as high work load as them
  • There are pockets of people engaged in Health & Wellbeing, but the company are not using their passion and expertise to lead in this area
  • Team spirit is low, which has a negative impact on Health & Energy
  • Not all employees are aware of the health activities that are available at the company, so they are not being fully maximised

Goals of problem statement

  • The benefits of Health & Wellbeing are acknowledged
  • Awareness of available activities
  • Awareness of benefits of Health & Wellbeing
  • Participation
  • Productivity


  • Share the benefits of creating a Healthy Team and offer education & training
  • Everyone to create a personalised health plan (physical / mental / nutrition)
  • Ensure all are fully aware of activities associated with Health & Wellbeing available to them within our company
  • Encourage Team Health Events, combined with Work/ Social Activity Calendar in place
  • Annual Charity Challenge develop and implement
  • Healthy Living Time (e.g. lunchtime meetings or classes)
  • Provide healthy food in the office and encourage everyone to participate

TWS CorpFit will help your team meet the companies goals with CorpFit Services