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Mission Statement

"Our mission is to provide our clients first rate health and fitness using education and a holistic approach, in a safe, fun environment, whilst maintaining our exemplary level of customer satisfaction”.

One to One

We encourage our clients to take an active interest in achieving their goals, and the trainers will do their upmost to educate you on exercise, diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is understood that each client is unique. Our trainers will guide you through an individually tailored programmes to ensure you reach your maximum potential. 

Total Wellbeing uses a variety of training techniques and vary your sessions to motivate and hold your interest throughout your programme. Interval Training may hold the key to your success but for another it may be Circuit Training or Boxercise for conditioning. At Total Wellbeing we have no preconceptions of body types or exercise programs but assess your individual needs and tailor our programs to meet your goals.

You can book our One to One Personal Training Sessions through our Class Subscription, visit our dedicated TWS FitZone site or Contact Us for further details.