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"Our mission is to provide our clients first rate health and fitness using education and a holistic approach, in a safe, fun environment, whilst maintaining our exemplary level of customer satisfaction”.

Weight Management

Weight Management is the globally recognised term for using a variety of methods to maintain weight at a healthy level. Maintaining a healthy weight can help prevent or reduce the risk of many diseases.

Total Wellbeing Solutions Weight Management was designed to enhance general health and wellbeing for people by looking at their relationship and thought processes with food, as well as exercise and traditional diet advice.This was developed due to people becoming de-motivated and frustrated after dieting and exercising but not achieving weight loss, not being prepared and therefore not handling plateaus correctly, generally giving up or often regaining previous weight lost with additional weight.

There are many diets or fads that people force themselves to do due to the pressure of looking like others or celebrities. This however creates many issues as most people’s lifestyles are different and many are not conducive to the extreme ways that weight loss is achieved by these people which makes it unrealistic and invariably unachievable or sustainable, let alone to be compared.

Total Wellbeing Solutions was then created to make people realise that a full rounded approach to achieve weight loss is needed. Many people complete 2 out of the 3 elements but the need for all 3 Thinking, Exercise and Nutrition (T.E.N) is vital for successful weight management and overall wellbeing.

Many people battle with food throughout life.Food is often used as a reward and also for controlling and dealing with many negative thoughts and emotions for many individuals. Feelings such as worry, guilt, frustration and anger can all lead to an urge to over or binge eat.It is the ability to take control of this through positive thinking and making the whole process more controllable and ultimately more enjoyable.People do not tend to link food and their emotional state as reason for over or under eating.It is important therefore that we make people aware so that they think about this to make small changes and that they become permanent.

Many people still see that exercise is more important than the thoughts and feelings and the diet itself to achieve success, however it is thought that exercise only contributes to a small proportion of the total result but plays an important role as part of a fully rounded approach because of the health benefits it will have to an individual.

Dieting alone can lead to changes initially but the risks of plateauing or even from regaining weight due to many failed diet attempts can indicate lack of discipline or small lapses that become major issues. So many diets with conflicting information causes a lot of confusion to people as to what they should be doing and in general a lack of motivation and desire.Moderation and variety is the key to a good diet.